Life (and death) is pits for these dogs

mtl-pit-fightLife (and death) is pits for these dogs | News Archives: The Windsor Star, Tuesday, September 25, 1979.

I found this article today while researching Andre Giroux. A Pitbull breeder and dog fighter from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His “pedigree” is still in existence today.

Andre Giroux was a French Canadian from Montreal who showed to Americans that he had no monopoly on game bred American Pit Bull Terriers. He is known as the best handler, conditioner and match maker.

Andre Giroux

The article reminds the reader that a “convention” is a code word for an organized dog fight. The Ontario Humane Society tried to put a stop to this cruel sport.

The Attorney General of Ontario, Roy McMurtry, refused to help the Ontario Humane Society as it needed funds to hire private investigators.

Andre Giroux, twice convicted of staging dog fights, pitbull breeder, makes his concerns known of the motorcycle clubs that are muscling in the action.

Those bastards fight without rules.

Giroux gloats that his best dog (in 1979) had won 8 fights, dying on the 9th.

A “dead game” dog (one that fights to the death) in 1979 was valued at $500 dollars or more on the international black market.

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