Richard Philie is found guilty of neglecting his dog

Richard Philie is found guilty of neglecting his dog

Richard Philie is found guilty of neglecting his dog, sentenced to a fine of $200 and banned from having and owning animals for the next 5 years.

In 2011, a statement of offence was issued against Richard Philie, a resident of the Province of Quebec, under Article 55.9.2, AL. 3 of the Animal Health Protection Act: “As guardian of a sick or injured animal, compromised his safety or well-being by not giving him the care required by his state.”

On September 30, 2011, around 4:00 pm, an officer from the Verdun’s Surveillance Service, arrived at the Montreal SPCA with a female dog – Shepherd mixed Labrador and Rottweiler – who had been found wandering by a citizen. The medals that the dog was wearing on her neck helped trace her guardian and alleged owner, Richard Philie.

Upon arrival at the SPCA, the dog was apathetic and showed signs of injury and illness.

Richard Philie is found guilty of neglecting his dog

The atrophy of the thighs, the long claws and the absence of hair on the prominences of the bones are all symptoms of chronicity. In addition, she was infested with fleas and also suffered external otitis in both ears and periodontal disease. This dog was in severe pain and moving with great difficulty, while emanating complaints during the exam of her hips.

The investigation later revealed that the dog, 13-year-old, had never been examined by a veterinarian, and that months and even years of neglect were responsible for her condition. Considering the high level of pain the animal obviously endured for so long, the chronic nature of her condition, her advanced age and the very small hope of providing her with an acceptable quality of life, the SPCA unfortunately had to make the decision to proceed with a humane euthanasia.

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One thought on “Richard Philie is found guilty of neglecting his dog

  1. I tought the berger blanc was close and it should be after bad report against it
    and laws are not severe enough against abuser even the one and only berger blanc they should get fines and jail times just like in the us be serious about our animal and reate law that will stand clear you abuse an animal in small or big way you will be fine at least 3,000$ no more pets and at least one year of prison or community work not able to buy, any animal for the rest of the life of that person
    create a educational program on how to care for your animal educate people on all race where they come from what they are
    ex: pitt bull originaly where baby sitter not fighters, boxer where haunting for will boars so still strong dog, dalmatien use to run under carriage with horse to get them going strong, and so on please be a hard avocet for the ones that cannot speak

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