To be shanghaied, where is Shanghai? The SPCA stray that eludes authorities


How did an 8 year old senior dog that’s half blind manage to elude authorities for over a year? Perhaps the name speaks of an untold story, “to be shanghaied“.

Shanghai is a German Shepherd that was born September 18th, 2003. Shanghai was at the Montreal SPCA (CSPCA), she was brought in as a stray in December of 2011.

The SPCA found her owner, however the owner no longer wanted his dog back.

Shanghai spent two weeks in the care of the SPCA, a volunteer was walking her on Jean-Talon street, corner of Victoria at about 5pm on December 27th.

The unknown SPCA volunteer claims to have slipped and fell on ice. There was a huge snow storm that night. Meteo media reports that the storm started at around 10pm, five hours after Shanghai’s disappearance.

Citizens took the streets on the 14th of January and started searching along with Urgence Animal. 1,000+ flyers were posted near Jean-Talon and Victoria streets.

On the 20th and 22nd of January another search and rescue team made up of citizens took to the streets near the Iberville metro station.

On the 22nd of January a citizen spotted Shanghai and ran after her unable to catch her, she disappeared in the Montreal West burrough.  The police even followed the dog, they were unable to keep following as she ran off onto the train tracks.

More search and rescue teams met up at the Montreal SPCA on the 28th of January.

It was then reported that Shanghai was seen near Monkland and Benny streets. She was spotted running north, still wearing her red leash.

February 4th was another search that ended in vain. There has been no reported sightings since then.

What makes this disappearance a real mystery are the health conditions Shanghai has, she’s a senior, 8 years old, she has a dental fracture, an infection in her ears and cataract on her eyes that renders her half blind.

Shanghai is micro-chipped (FDXA 1368394748).

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