The City of Montreal wants to seize Rumby

Rumby and friend

The City of Montreal wants to seize Rumby. The City will be requesting a generic warrant that would allow a seizure in any location, building, or whatever it may be.

Rumby is a pitbull that the City of Montreal wants to euthanize for having been accused of biting another dog. Rumby’s owner filed a motion in Superior Court in order to save their beloved dog’s life.

The City is accepting the safeguard order, with conditions that Rumby is transferred to the Berger Blanc within 24hrs (of judgment), until final judgment. The City even wants Rumby’s owner to pay for boarding while the Berger Blanc safeguards his dog.

The medical reports describe the Yorkshire named Shaggy to be well, he was eating, no vomiting, no diarrhea. His eyes are normal, his ears are clean, tartar on the teeth, normal lymph nodes, no cardiac problems or anything wrong with the lungs, etc…

The vet recommends x-rays and to close him up, it would cost $1,000+, the owner opts for euthanasia at $250.

There will be a protest held in front of the Montreal Courthouse at 1 Notre-Dame Est, on Friday the 12th of July, starting at 9am. The protest is against the Berger Blanc and to show support for Rumby.

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