Rumby gets a stay of execution, he’s a free dog until he has his day in Court

by Rick Cognyl Fournier | July 12, 2013 8:03 pm


Today the 12th of July, 2013 is the day Rumby was spared a visit into Montreal’s most notorious dog pound, the Berger Blanc. Everything about that place smells like death, it’s what one would expect as a prison in a third world country.

In 2011 the Berger Blanc had a contract with the municipal garbage dump of the City of Lachute. Montreal discarded of it’s household pets like items of garbage.

An investigative documentary exposed the Berger Blanc’s dirty laundry[2], such practices appears to have changed as the Berger Blanc is now using Cremanimo, a private cremation service, as result of public pressure.

This is not a place where I would send my worst enemy, prisoners in Guantanamo Bay are in a 3 star establishment when comparing it to the animals that are prisoners of the Berger Blanc.

Rumby is a pitbull[3] that is accused of biting another dog, the City of Montreal wanted to seize and place Rumby into to the custody of the Berger Blanc for “safe keeping” and to eventually euthanize Rumby. Today Rumby was spared such dreadful entry into the gates of hell.

15 days ago, Rumby’s owners filed a motion in Court against the City of Montreal[4] requesting a trial for the judicial review of an administrative decision that ordered Rumby’s execution.

Yesterday the City of Montreal wanted Rumby seized[5] if he wasn’t surrendered to the Berger Blanc, until he had his day in Court that is.

Today, Honorable Judge Guylaine Beauge, of the Superior Court of Quebec, signed, sealed and delivered an order, subsequent to an agreement reached within lawyers.

The Judge orders Rumby’s owner[6], not to get rid of his dog, not to keep his dog off leash when in public, to keep his dog muzzled at all times when outside of a building or when in public, until final judgment.

Rumby is now back with his owner wagging his tail, enjoying his provisional freedom, he is no longer a fugitive on the run.

The lawyers estimated that the trial would last two days, trial dates may be as far off as mid December of 2013.

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