The City of Montreal considers a dog bite illegal, the Montreal Botanical Garden uses guard dogs!

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The Montreal Botanical Garden is using guard dogs to protect its property.

SERCA offers a variety of services such as cleaning services, security services, guard dogs and floor construction services.

For those who don’t know, the Montreal Botanical Garden is a large botanical garden in Montreal, Quebec, Canada comprising 75 hectares of thematic gardens and greenhouses.

Last summer the City of Montreal executed a dog named Wicca because she was a pitbull, that had scratched a lady on the streets of Montreal.

This summer the City of Montreal wants to execute another pitbull named Rumby, this time for biting another dog.

The City of Montreal considered Wicca a danger to the public, the same applies for Rumby.

In 2007, Mario Paquet’s dog named Renegade was also seized for biting a police officer that had kicked Mario who is a street nomad, in order to wake him up.  The Judge debated if Renegade should be killed or given a medal.

During Renegade’s court case the City of Montreal claimed it had no power of discretion, every dog that bit causing an injured dog or human to require stitches or that bit twice be euthanized.

In the Town of Mount-Royal (T.M.R), a borough of Montreal, we find multiple companies within the industrial sector using SERCA guard dogs. The borough also has a by-law that bans all dogs trained for attack within it’s borough.

As far as we can see, within court records, the Town of Mount-Royal has never applied it’s dangerous dog by-law on any of the companies using SERCA guard dogs.

A petition has been created asking that the Montreal Botanical Garden stops using guard dogs.

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