Petition: We are asking the administration of the Montreal Botanical Garden to stop using guard dogs

by Rick Cognyl Fournier | July 14, 2013 11:22 pm

2013-07-14 19.45.02[1] The Montreal Botanical Garden is using guard dogs to protect its property.

It was recently discovered that the garden is subcontracting security services to the SERCA company.

We find this unacceptable;

CONSIDERING that Wicca was not allowed to "scratch" someone, equality of the law makes it that SERCA dogs are not allowed to bite either;

CONSIDERING that the use of guard dogs is frowned upon by animal activists;

CONSIDERING that there are alternative options, such as motion detectors and video cameras;

We are asking that the administration of the Montreal Botanical Garden puts an end to their contract with SERCA and to stop using guard dogs.


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