2 years after CBC’s report concerning the animal cruelty happening within the walls of the Berger Blanc, it’s still open for business

by Rick Cognyl Fournier | July 23, 2013 2:19 pm

Quebec’s animal laws are only but text on paper.

In April of 2011, Radio Canada aired an investigative report, called “Mauvais berger[1]“, it exposed image after image of what Janine Larose has been trying to expose for years[2]. The SPVM failed to prosecute the Berger Blanc and it’s employee for animal cruelty.

The SPVM did not find the evidence credible, SPA Canada had hired the infiltrator. SPA Canada’s director, Gabriel Villeneuve was charged with “terrorism”[3] back in the days of SHAC[4]. The SPVM found the Berger Blanc’s version credible, that both employees were perhaps hired by SPA Canada.

Every year since the report aired, citizens take to the streets to protest against the Berger Blanc[5], a private for profit corporation.

2013-07-21 12.39.30[6]

In 2012 the City of Montreal under Mayor Tremblay’s administration announced plans for a City ran animal control facility. The plans fell apart after the SQ raided City Hall, Mayor Tremblay resigned[7] amidst evidence of corruption within his political party.

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