Separation within animal activists and rescue groups

by Rick Cognyl Fournier | July 23, 2013 7:55 pm

separation-anxiety[1]Montreal animal activists are often quite separated when in support for the same causes.

Quebec Animaux had a Pitbull walk planned for Saturday, Manon Pelchat had a protest against the Berger Blanc planned for Sunday.

Due to weather being hot and humid Quebec Animaux decided to move the Pitbull walk for Sunday. Later claiming she forgot about the Berger Blanc protest.

Both events saw about 70 supporters, the protest saw more people over time since it lasted 4hrs. Not everyone stayed until the end, some arrived after the starting time.

This year Quebec Animaux had invited two “rescue” groups, PitStop Montreal and the SPCA Monteregie. Last year a boycott was launched against Quebec Animaux for selling items and not providing any financial support to the cause.

PitStop, Chris Paps (of the now Wicca’s K-9 Justice Foundation), Sophie Fournier (of SDA) all attended the Pitbull walk last year.

Quebec Animaux and PitStop Montreal faced controversy from the Wicca supporters in light of various issues.

PitStop Montreal thought that Wicca was not a good Pitbull image to portray, she had cropped ears and she scratched someone, blaming the owner of her fate. PitStop supporters claimed it hurt the Pitbull image in Montreal, there was no BSL in Montreal and that it would hurt the Pitbulls in rescue.

Someone at the SPCA apparently claimed that they had more Pitbull adoptions during the Wicca saga then normally.

Now today Quebec Animaux is facing various controversies,  such as moving the Pitbull walk for the same day and time that there was a Berger Blanc protest.

PitStop Montreal seems to keep falling for scams, they attended the Rescue Ink event, for some that speaks volume.

Now PitStop Montreal had a problem with the Quebec Animaux event that they were invited to. They left before it started, claiming people were abusing their dogs, using chokers, pinch collars, dominating the dogs by forcing them to lay down.

PitStop asked Chantal Rondeau of Quebec Animeaux speak out about the issue at hand. A Pitbull breeder had also attended the event, selling puppies. Chantal didn’t wanna make anyone angry, or risk controversy concerning the training methods and un-neutered dogs present at her event.

It’s a Pitbull walk in the end, open to everyone, with two rescue groups as guests of honor.

Quebec Animaux had told her followers that 5$ of items sold at the walk would go to the rescue groups, however Quebec Animaux has no street merchant permit, it can’t sell items in a park according to the Montreal by-law.

The day before the event, Quebec Animaux announced that there would be no items for sale at the event, that online sales would be “delivered” at the event and proceeds going to the rescue.

SPCA Monteregie was unaware of the online sales, but did tell one of my sources that they received no money from Quebec Animaux because she had no items to sell on site.

For those who remember last year, Quebec Animaux also faced controversy over the Wicca and Berger Blanc saga, she was asking that people stopped flooding the Berger Blanc phone lines, it was the City’s fault Wicca was to be killed by the Berger Blanc, not Berger Blanc’s fault. Pierre Couture was only doing his job.

We later found out that Mme Randeau knew Pierre Couture’s daughter, that’s how she convinced the Berger Blanc to allow Mr Paps a last visit, despite the City’s refusal to do so. Quebec Animaux released images that were intended for Mr Paps only, (the picture of Pierre Couture and Wicca), among other pictures of Chris Paps visiting Wicca for one last time.

Mr Paps saw the pictures of himself and Wicca on Quebec Animaux before even opening his own inbox.

So did Mme Rondeau actually forget about the Berger Blanc protest? Or was it a plan to lower participation against a Berger Blanc protest?

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