The Pitbull walk of 2013 at Parc Lafontaine

by Rick Cognyl Fournier | July 23, 2013 4:35 pm


About 70 dog owners came walking with their Pitbulls at Parc Lafontaine on Sunday[2].

1009784_532514830129528_1323949253_n[3]The City of Montreal has a prejudice with Pitbulls, for the last two years Quebec Animaux hosted a walk for Pitbulls at Parc Lafontaine in order to remove such prejudice people have.

This year Rumby[4] attended the march, unfortunately Wicca[5] could not attend the event last year, she was a fugitive.

Wicca and Rumby are both Pitbulls that the City of Montreal issued death orders for being so called “dangerous for the public”. The City failed to respect the owner’s Civil rights of due process and therefore causing Charter violations, a right of appeal and to be innocent until proven guilty. Wicca had scratched a woman, Rumby bit another dog.

The City of Montreal managed to execute Wicca despite multiple legal attempts to save her life. The last Judge to hear the case begged the City of Montreal to spare the dog’s life until trial, the City refused.

Rumby’s life was spared after the City agreed on an out of court settlement to “safeguard” Rumby, he can stay with his owner until trial for as long as he’s wearing a muzzle when in public. In 2014, the courts will then decide on Rumby’s fate.

Animal activists agree that dogs wearing muzzles are no longer a danger to the public, there is no need to kill a dog in order to protect the public.

Pitbulls are like all other dogs, a Chihuahua can bite too. The City of Montreal has never ordered a Chihuahua dead, but they do for Pitbulls.

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