The Animal Mafia is operating so-called humane societies


Carl Girard, Louise Meunier and Lucie Duquette have all forgotten that they live in a province and a country protected by their own constitutional charters.

Carl Girard

Mr Girard, director of the SPA des Canton is seizing pets without a warrant because the municipal by-law allows it.

Louise Meunier

Ms Meunier, director of the Caramel Foundation entered  a residence by infraction through a window to unlock a door.

Lucie Duquette

Ms Duquette, director of the SPCA LBL (St-Calixte) is of no exception, she is issuing death orders for stray dogs, in one case she considered a stray dog a danger to the public.  She has also seized pets without having a warrant to do so.


Now that Anima-Quebec is closed Ms Duquette and Mr Girard are now sleeping on both ears, Anima-Quebec wanted both the SPA and SPCA to be shut down due to the neglect caused by lacking funds.

Both Mr Girard and Ms Duquette when questioned about municipal by-laws and the use of warrants, the answers were identical, they claim the by-law allows it therefore it’s legal.

Judge Helene Le Bel however disagreed in her ruling claiming the Montreal by-law to be invalid and unconstitutional. 

Lucie Duquette and Carl Girard are now targeted for violating constitutional rights in civil court. As for Louise Meunier criminal charges is an option that the breeder is looking into.

Carl Girard comes from a family of breeders, it can easily be argued there is a conflict of interest within that SPA, Lucie Duquette is married to the mayor of St-Calixte who is also a co-founder of the SPCA LBL, so again a conflict of interest regarding by-laws, CKC breeders are also co-founders of the SPCA LBL.

You don’t have to look far to see why Carl Girard’s SPA is now in financial difficulties.  When you seize the citizens pets without a warrant to violate their constitutional rights, one can only expect aggressive citizens towards them. Humans have died and countries have gone to war to give us such rights.

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