Wicca the pitbull was found guilty despite a lack of proof

wicca MONTREAL – On November 5th, 2013, a long battle ended in municipal court. The pitbull named Wicca killed in 2012 by the City of Montreal for alleged bites, was found guilty of biting the paramedic.

Initially charged with two counts of “biting” , Wicca was found guilty on one count.

The primary victim never showed up for the trial, leaving the secondary victim as the only witness. There was no proof, only the paramedic’s version of events. He claims Wicca bit his testicles and that he continued working without taking any time off work.

The lawyer in charge of defending Wicca showed her discontent on twitter.

We must keep in mind that there is no such thing as beyond reasonable doubt in civil matters, unlike in criminal matters. The witness was a paramedic without any pictures of his testicles nor medical reports to back up his claim, but the Judge found Wicca guilty of biting.

The 2012 court battle was in regard to the City’s right to kill Wicca before trial. Not only did they execute Wicca, but did so without any proof other than “he said, she said”.

Benoit Lacroix, an urban planner, is the person who signed the death order. It was most likely signed with the devil’s blood. A facebook page requesting his dismissal was created.

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41 thoughts on “Wicca the pitbull was found guilty despite a lack of proof

  1. The law innocent till proven guilty should stand for animals as well. Wicca, Lennox in Belfast. Travesty of “justice”. RIP Wicca, Lennox and indeed all other unfortunates who’ve been killed because of senseless legislation.

  2. Poor Wicca there is just no justice if your born a pitbull. I’m a proud and loving owner of a pitbull and have to defend my dog to people everyday because she was born a pitbull. Please people realize the media sensationalizes this breed as bad because they can not because it’s true. Pits are the most loving and forgiving breed no matter how bad they get treated when someone shows them love they show it right back.

  3. Thats such bull shit….guilt should have to be proven regaurdless of the type of case! There are so mamy of these type of cases where these poor dogs are punished for humans stupidity!!

  4. My heart breaks for you and Wicca. Yes, we wanted justice. But ust know the opinion of corrupt a$$ holes means nothing. Those that love her know she is not guilty and that’s what is important.

  5. I just read the story again, but I remember it so well.. I didn’t know that the Paramedic accused Wicca of biting him on the balls. But I would say that he never had any in the first place… As for the woman that was allegedly bitten. Wasn’t her husband a police officer? If this is correct, then poor Wicca never stood a chance against a police officer who never checked his facts, and a Bull-Shit-Law that wasn’t even in place in the city of Montreal at the time of the alleged incident. RIP sweet Wicca. You will never be forgotten, and the fight will go on to rid the world of this unjust and bias law.

  6. Absolute crap!!! You are a Hero and an Angel Wicca!!! Far from guilty of any thing but love!! Shame on them!! RIP sweetie!! We all know the truth!!!

  7. It is so sickening that every day dozens of good loving respectful pups are put down b/c of societies misconceptions! A dog, ANY DOG, will bite if scared threatened or protecting her “pack”. The pitbull had been the only dog named the “nanny dog” and now look at what has become of their name……so sad. America’s dog now America’s most wanted :(


    Nassau County, NY

    “Righteous men – men of integrity – will live in this land of ours. But God will snatch wicked men from the land and pull sinners out of it like plants from the ground.” (Proverbs 2:21-22)

    On April 01, 2014, the criminal complaint against John C. Orlandini aka: Johnnyo, was Dismissed by the Grand Jury of the County of Nassau.

    Moreover, pursuant to Section 160.60 of the Criminal Procedure Law, “the arrest and prosecution shall be deemed a nullity and the accused shall be restored, in contemplation of the law, to the status occupied before the arrest and prosecution”.

    Orlandini was wrongfully accused of Grand Larceny in May 2013 for supposedly stealing donations from Long Beach Animal Shelter. Prior to, Orlandini committed his life to getting animal rescue right. Orlandini wore the Badge of Humane Commissioner of Long Beach proudly. He was a First Responder for the ASPCA and Petsmart Charities. Well known for his diligence against animal abuse and as a man who lives in humble fellowship with god.

    “The significance of justice can never be underestimated. Ever.” – Johnnyo

    For further information, contact Suzanne Flanagan, Esq. from The Flanagan Law Group, P.C., (631) 742-2124.

    Johnnyo is an Animal Activist and Humanitarian on a mission. Follow Johnnyo on FaceBook & Twitter @johnnyorescue – @rescue4redemption

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