Robbery at La Maison du Chien

After 10 years of business, La Maison du Chien was robbed for the first time, by someone caught on camera. If you have any information to help identify this individual, please call the Laval Police at (450) 662-4242.


Rumby gets a stay of execution, he’s a free dog until he has his day in Court

Today the 12th of July, 2013 is the day Rumby was spared a visit into Montreal’s most notorious dog pound, the Berger Blanc. Everything about that place smells like death, it’s what one would expect as a prison in a third world country.


The City of Montreal wants to seize Rumby

The City of Montreal wants to seize Rumby. The City will be requesting a generic warrant that would allow a seizure in any location, building, or whatever it may be.

Rumby and friend

The people and animals of Lac-Megantic are in need of a helping hand

On Friday night a ghost train derailed and crashed in a small town of Quebec called Lac-Megantic carrying 75 cars of crude oil, the flaming inferno lasted 4 days.


To be shanghaied, where is Shanghai? The SPCA stray that eludes authorities

How did an 8 year old senior dog that’s half blind manage to elude authorities for over a year? Perhaps the name speaks of an untold story, “to be shanghaied”.


Life (and death) is pits for these dogs

Life (and death) is pits for these dogs – News Archives: The Windsor Star, Tuesday, September 25, 1979

Andre Giroux