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    A Des Moines woman who hanged her boyfriend’s dog, Lillie, in the couple’s garage and watched it die will not serve any prison time for her crime.

    Police say 28-year old Sheena Cornwell showed no remorse after being arrested back in April.

    Friday, she faced a judge but animal rights advocates say the punishment does not fit the crime.

    “The intent that was involved in taking the leash and collar out to the garage, the work to get the collar on the dog, the leash around the rafter then to string the dog up and let it suffocate and watch it suffocate till it was dead. Just that sort of activity, that sort of planning, that sort of carry through was really frightening to me,” says animal control officer, Jay Wilson.

    In court, Cornwell told Judge Joe Smith “I really confused a lot of people. I love animals. I want to figure out why I did what I did it.”

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