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    At no time throughout history has any other domesticated animal ever been targeted with such malice as the dog is today. They still have their many fans, of course, but the laws governing dog ownership are getting to the point of being ridiculous.

    Yes, dogs can be dangerous, but so can cats, and in fact cats cause more illness that dogs do. Get bitten by a dog and you will get a nasty puncture wound, but get bitten by a cat and it is likely that you will be on antibiotics for at least a week and that’s if you are lucky. Cats aren’t the only dangerous pets, but they are the only ones that have kill shelters in every council district.

    Why have dogs become the target? Well that’s simple, because they have been allowed to be owned by those that would use them as weapons, such as gang members, security companies, police, military police, and the list goes on.

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