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    K-911 is presently looking for 1 Animal Health Technician (Animal Ambulance).

    Credentials: (Certificates, licenses, memberships, courses, etc.): Resuscitation (CPR) Certificate animal cardio first emergency response during the license.

    Assess the severity of injuries or illness of trauma animals to determine emergency veterinary medical treatment, provide care, patient’s pre-hospital emergency transportation to a hospital or other medical facility for further care, document and record nature of injuries and treatment given, maintenance of vehicles and medical and communication equipment, and replenish first aid equipment and supplies.

    Perform diagnostic procedures and emergency treatment, such as airway management and cardiac monitoring, temperature readings, oxygen levels during intensive care ambulance animals.

    Coordinate with other members of the emergency medical team, staff emergency veterinary hospitals.
    Security and Safety: Criminal record check.
    To be able to communicate in French and English, written and spoken.
    To be ready to respond to an emergency.
    To work well under pressure.
    Work well with other team members.
    Able to lift up to 80 pounds.
    Able to work with aggressive, injured, canines and felines and including wild animals.
    Comfort and reassurance.

    Part-time on call, Day, Night, Evening. Weekends and ferrières day

    Send your CV to: info@k911transport.com.
    K-911 will not accept phone calls.

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