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    In Lac-Megantic, animal control is l’Escouade FBI, Francoise Belle-Isle. 4164, chemin du Lac Orignal, Nantes. Email: Tel: 819 583-0461

    Francoise Belle-Isle reports that

    SPA de l’ESTRIE is on site, for as long as it will take. People with their pets are at the Polyvalente Montignac. The SPA is going back and forth transporting cats and dogs for those who have been evacuated. A vet from Sherbrooke is on site working in cooperation with the “du Lac” vet clinic tending to the injured pets.

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    SPA de l’Estrie has a booth located at the Mazda garage on Laval street. The SPA will accompany people within the security zone to recover pets left behind, or to feed them.

    There is also a team of vets at the SPA booth for the injured pets.

    The emergency shelter at the Polyvalente Montignac is allowing entry to those who were evacuated with their pets.


    Death toll expected to rise in town devastated by exploding runaway train

    Resident Amanda Gabrielle said the train crashed on her birthday. She lost her dog, she’s now homeless, and she doesn’t have any family or friends.

    “I lost everything,” Gabrielle told the CBC. “I don’t know what’s going to happen to me.”

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    The “Clinique Vétérinaire du Vieux Village” vet clinic posted this photo on their facebook page.

    Our thoughts are with the people of Mégantic, and we support the SPA de l’Estrie in their efforts to help the animals affected by this terrible tragedy. Shown in this photo are Dr. Marie Lavoie of the Clinique Vétérinaire du Lac (in Mégantic) and Dr. Lois Saucke of the Clinique Vétérinaire du Vieux Village (in Sherbrooke), working together to help a duck covered in oil.

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    An anxious dog owner

    She thought of Hiroshima.

    It was about 4 a.m. when Marjolaine Carrier saw a mushroom cloud of smoke and flame rise up into the sky.

    “It was a real catastrophe,” said the 59-year-old, resting on a bench outside the emergency shelter set up for evacuees, while her tiny, white dog growled and barked.

    The first explosion woke her around 1 a.m., she said.

    “I could hear a boom and then I saw fire, I went outside on my balcony and there was fire, I had no idea what it was.”
    Her dog, Daysie, panicked, running in circles. When Carrier opened the door to step outside, Daysie took off down the street and Carrier had to set off after her.

    “It was quite a spectacle,” she said.

    Carrier was told she had to leave her apartment early Saturday afternoon. She made her way, Daysie in an underarm dog bag, to the Polyvalente Montignac. At first, evacuees heard they could go home in 24 hours. Next, it was 48 hours.

    “I’m really getting the impression they’re going to come back soon and tell us it’s going to be even longer.”

    Carrier worries what life will look like in Lac-Mégantic when the flames are out and people can return home. She doesn’t own a car and walks to shops and other services downtown. But no one knows what will be left when this is over.

    “It’s going to be very difficult to live here even after we’re finally allowed to go back to our homes,” said Carrier. “You see catastrophes like this happen in a lot of other countries, you see it on the news, but you never expect to see it happen here. It hasn’t sunk in yet.”

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    Polyvante Montignac is sheltering people and their pets together in Lac Megantic. A source of comfort in a time of tragedy and sadness.

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    Dog saves man from fireball in Lac-Mégantic

    Paul Leclerc, 83, describes how one of his dogs woke him, indicating the direction of a fire after the explosion of a runaway train full of oil in Lac-Mégantic, Qc. Leclerc says he was lucky to escape with his life.

    See the video here:


    The people and animals of Lac-Megantic are in need of a helping hand

    On Friday night a ghost train derailed and crashed in a small town of Quebec called Lac-Megantic carrying 75 cars of crude oil, the flaming inferno lasted 4 days.

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