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    Two dogs got into a fight inside the store.

    AUSTIN (KXAN) – An off-duty Austin Police officer working security at a Petco near Lakeline Mall shot and killed a dog inside the store on Wednesday evening.

    According to police, a pit bull inside the store started attacking a Maltese around 7:20 p.m. The owners were able to break-up the initial fight but a few minutes later, the pit bull was able to get away from its 16-year-old female owner and attacked the smaller dog a second time.

    “When she [officer] got to the back of the store, the pit bull actually had the Maltese in its mouth and shaking it,” explained Assistant Chief Stephen Deaton with the Austin Police Department.

    Several customers were trying to pull the dogs apart but they weren’t able to.

    The female officer, who was in full uniform, asked the customers to back away before she pulled out her weapon and shot the pit bull.

    “At which point, the pit bull dropped the Maltese but it didn’t go down,” said Deaton. “The pitbull became aggressive again and attacked the Maltese and she fired a second shot and that’s what ultimately killed the pitbull.”

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    Sandy Chlubna

    If a police officer pulls his/her gun and tells you to step away from your dog NEVER DO IT! (my personal advice based on the number of cops shooting dogs)

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