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    On the 12th of November, the City filed for an injunction to seize Rumby, claiming the court order wasn’t respected. They provided pictures of Rumby not wearing his muzzle while outside, (the owners claim the only picture in question is on private property).

    The City also claims that on October 10th Rumby bit a Canada Post employee. On the 12th, a Judge ordered Rumby be sent to the Berger Blanc (the owners claim to have arrived 15 minutes after the Judge had ruled) and on the 14th, the City and police dropped by to “pick-up” Rumby. As seen on the video, Rumby is “missing”. The City deems the owner to be in contempt of court, therefore on Friday the 22nd the owner will have to appear before a Judge to defend himself for not sending Rumby to the Berger Blanc.

    Rumby’s owners never paid the outstanding balance for the lawyer nor the upcoming fees as requested. Further to the Open Letter written by Sophie, they never followed up on potential fundraising events nor ideas. The City can now eventually get a warrant to seize Rumby and depending on the 22nd’s outcome, also get an arrest warrant.

    Watch the video:

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