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    Rumby’s court date is today, Friday the 12th in room 2.16 at the Montreal Courthouse. From room 2.16 the case will be dispatched to another courtroom.

    The city gave Rumby’s legal team an expected curve ball.

    As predicted the city is already running the legal team around with last minute piles of documents, the count starts at 47 pages, that is if we don’t count the bogus reply to the owners request for access to information.

    Both sides will have about 15 minutes to argue their arguments. Rumby’s legal team will argue that Rumby is not a danger to the public and the City will argue that he is. The City will argue Rumby should go to the Berger Blanc, Rumby’s legal team will provide alternate options.

    Today’s outcome is to determine if Rumby can be “safeguarded” until the trial date and where will the “safeguard” take place.

    Obviously the city’s playbook is the same as the one used against Wicca. That’s fine, Rumby’s legal team expected nothing less from a corrupted City. Over time, it will establish a well founded pattern.

    There is a small protest in front of the Courthouse to support Rumby and to oppose the Berger Blanc. The protest starts at 9am, court starts at 9:30am

    I’ll be keeping this thread updated with twitter updates, using the hashtag #saverumby.

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    Rumby’s execution has been stayed, “safeguarded” at home wearing a muzzle when in public.

    The City’s lawyer accepted everything we wanted in an out of court agreement, the deal has been signed by the Judge (in hopes to prevent the City from reneging it).

    Hopefully this lawyer is NOT the next Simon Jolin-Barrette. We also suspect that this deal was struck as the city’s lawyer didn’t want to argue Rumby’s “stay of execution” against the same lawyer that has the jurisprudence, to a judge aware that Chris was in contempt for Wicca…

    Being a busy day in court, such battle could have brought the argumentations into overtime.

    The sitting Judge was the same that had transferred Wicca’s case (as it was also a busy day) to the final Judge before Wicca was wrongfully executed by the City of Montreal. This time the Judge didn’t transfer the case into another courtroom, it sat on the roll.


    Signed sealed & delivered…

    (sorry for the lack of accents)




    ACCEUILLE la presente requete;

    ORDONNE le sursi d’execution de la decision du Directeur des travaux publics rendue le 17 avril 2013 relativement a l’euthanasie du chien de l’intime/demandeur prenomme Rumby, pour valoir jusqu’a jugement final de la cour superieure sur la requete en revision judiciare du demandeur;

    ORDONNE a l’intime/demandeur de ne pas se departir de son chien Rumby pour la duree des procedures;

    ORDONNE a l’intime/demandeur de garder son chien a son domicile, soit le ****, pour la duree des procedures;

    ORDONNE a l’intime/demandeur de s’assurer que son chien Rumby soit musele et en laisse en tout temps, lorsqu’il se trouve a l’exterieur de tout batiment, pour la duree des procedures;

    ORDONNE l’execution provisoire de l’ordonnance de sauvegarde nonobstant appel;

    DISPENSE la demandresse de signifier la presente ordonnance puisque la defendresse est representee par avocat;

    LE TOUT sans frais

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