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    A Canterbury woman remained in critical condition Thursday morning after police say she was “viciously” attacked by multiple dogs around 11 a.m. Wednesday.

    Lynne Denning, 56, is a self-employed health care worker and was caring for an elderly woman at a home in Plainfield when the incident occurred.

    “She had severe injuries to her face, shoulders, her arms and her legs,” said Plainfield Police Chief Michael Surprenant. “One of the worst attacks that members of the Plainfield police and on the ambulance corps that we’ve seen in this area.”

    The dogs belong to Jenna Allen, 29, of Plainfield. She and another man were able to secure the animals while medics treated the victim. The attack happened in Allen’s home. Police said the victim had interacted with the dogs on multiple occasions. She’d been working in Allen’s home for about three months.

    “[Denning] is aware of the family, aware of the dogs, something took place today that we’re not aware of yet,” said Surprenant.

    Police said they have responded to the home multiple times before for dog-related complaints. Neighbor Vincent Longo said three or four of those calls came from him. “Coming over on or porch, ripping our screen down, coming through and then biting my dog,” Longo said. “I think it was a thing coming because of what’s happened in the past.”

    Police seized six dogs from the home, though Allen’s sister, Brittany Allen, said only two of the dogs were involved in the attack. She said they were in heat.

    “The dogs here are very well-kept. They’re show dogs. We’ve gone through extensive amounts of expenses to keep them well-contained,” Brittany Allen said.

    Tricia Santos, a family friend of the Allens, also told Fox CT that the dogs are “loving” and “well-trained.”

    Police ordered all six dogs to be quarantined at the Plainfield Animal Shelter while they investigate this case. The dogs will stay there for at least two weeks, and some of them may be put down.

    Brittany Allen called the situation a “tragic event.” [1]

    1. Woman ‘viciously’ mauled by dogs in Plainfield


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