Submit news

In order to submit something newsworthy that is dog related, it must be done in the discussion board.

  • When creating a new “topic” that is newsworthy make sure to include the “news” tag.
  • Make sure the content is dog related, it will be deleted otherwise.
  • Make sure the content is newsworthy, the “news” tag will be deleted otherwise.
  • The more “voices”, “shares”, “likes”, “+1’s” a topic has, the faster it’s investigated and made into an “article“.
  • At the start of each week, each post on the front page is evaluated based on popularity in order to determine it’s presence (on the front page).
  • Once an “article” is created the “topic” is closed, the last “reply” will provide a link to the “article“.
  • Deathrow, adoption, transport, fundraiser and lost & found listing are not accepted as “news” (with an exception for events). Everything else is however welcomed in the discussion board.

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