Richard Philie is found guilty of neglecting his dog

Richard Philie is found guilty of neglecting his dog, sentenced to a fine of $200 and banned from having and owning animals for the next 5 years.

Richard Philie is found guilty of neglecting his dog

At least 14 animals seized in Dunham

The Police (SQ), firemen, the SPA des Cantons and social services visited a small house on Thursday, located on Jetté road in Dunham. At least 14 dogs and cats were found and seized by the SPA, including a cat’s carcase.


MAPAQ is now in charge of household pets as Anima-Quebec falls apart

The MAPAQ website just launched it’s webform where people can report animal abuse, with the fall of Anima-Quebec in January 2013 the mandate to protect household animals such as dogs and cats is now under MAPAQ’s hands.

report animal cruelty

301 – The Dalton Crime Syndicate, CKC breeder or MAPAQ approved puppy mill?

A CD arrived in my mailbox this morning, it contained videos of the Dalton Crime Syndicate’s barn located in Weedon QC.


301 – The MAPAQ permits are met with mixed reactions

Quebec’s Agriculture Minister François Gendron has announced plans to create a permit system to address the abuse of animals at Quebec puppy mills

François Gendron is a politician and teacher in Quebec, Canada. He is the current Member of National Assembly of Quebec for the riding of Abitibi-Ouest. He has represented the Parti Québécois since 1976.