Wicca the pitbull was found guilty despite a lack of proof

MONTREAL – On November 5th, 2013, a long battle ended in municipal court. The pitbull named Wicca killed in 2012 by the City of Montreal for alleged bites, was found guilty of biting the paramedic.


Rumby gets a stay of execution, he’s a free dog until he has his day in Court

Today the 12th of July, 2013 is the day Rumby was spared a visit into Montreal’s most notorious dog pound, the Berger Blanc. Everything about that place smells like death, it’s what one would expect as a prison in a third world country.


Wicca’s “summerland”, a reflection of the injustice caused by the City of Montreal

“OMG, it’s already 1 year today since Wicca’s incident… I still can’t get over the fact that you’re not here with me, I wish. 1 year and I still feel it was like yesterday.


301 – Vigil for Wicca – One year ago the City of Montreal wrongfully executed a Pitbull

Remembering Wicca one year later. Vigil in front of Parc-Extension City Hall on July 26th. 2013 starting at 7pm. 405 Ogilvy Avenue. Right across from Parc metro station (blue line).


301 – Another dog fight with City Hall – Save Rumby

On Easter weekend 2013, Rumby’s owners were away so a friend was left in charge of him. What exactly happened during those few minutes is still vague.