Wicca the pitbull was found guilty despite a lack of proof

MONTREAL – On November 5th, 2013, a long battle ended in municipal court. The pitbull named Wicca killed in 2012 by the City of Montreal for alleged bites, was found guilty of biting the paramedic.


Rumby gets a stay of execution, he’s a free dog until he has his day in Court

Today the 12th of July, 2013 is the day Rumby was spared a visit into Montreal’s most notorious dog pound, the Berger Blanc. Everything about that place smells like death, it’s what one would expect as a prison in a third world country.


The City of Montreal wants to seize Rumby

The City of Montreal wants to seize Rumby. The City will be requesting a generic warrant that would allow a seizure in any location, building, or whatever it may be.

Rumby and friend

Richard Philie is found guilty of neglecting his dog

Richard Philie is found guilty of neglecting his dog, sentenced to a fine of $200 and banned from having and owning animals for the next 5 years.

Richard Philie is found guilty of neglecting his dog

Wicca’s “summerland”, a reflection of the injustice caused by the City of Montreal

“OMG, it’s already 1 year today since Wicca’s incident… I still can’t get over the fact that you’re not here with me, I wish. 1 year and I still feel it was like yesterday.


301 – The Dalton Crime Syndicate, CKC breeder or MAPAQ approved puppy mill?

A CD arrived in my mailbox this morning, it contained videos of the Dalton Crime Syndicate’s barn located in Weedon QC.


301 – Another dog fight with City Hall – Save Rumby

On Easter weekend 2013, Rumby’s owners were away so a friend was left in charge of him. What exactly happened during those few minutes is still vague.