Wicca the pitbull was found guilty despite a lack of proof

MONTREAL – On November 5th, 2013, a long battle ended in municipal court. The pitbull named Wicca killed in 2012 by the City of Montreal for alleged bites, was found guilty of biting the paramedic.


Separation within animal activists and rescue groups

Montreal animal activists are often quite separated when in support for the same causes.


Wicca’s “summerland”, a reflection of the injustice caused by the City of Montreal

“OMG, it’s already 1 year today since Wicca’s incident… I still can’t get over the fact that you’re not here with me, I wish. 1 year and I still feel it was like yesterday.


301 – Vigil for Wicca – One year ago the City of Montreal wrongfully executed a Pitbull

Remembering Wicca one year later. Vigil in front of Parc-Extension City Hall on July 26th. 2013 starting at 7pm. 405 Ogilvy Avenue. Right across from Parc metro station (blue line).